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Make your website's share links beautiful

Add dynamic social share thumbnails to your website and increase Click Through Rate—no coding required.

Integrate in minutes

Set up dynamic share thumbnails for your website in minutes, not days, thanks to our straight-forward integration method.

Save time by automating

Dynamically generate your website's share thumbnails for all current and future pages. No more wasting time on manually designing them.

Increase your CTR

Having share thumbnails is proven to increase Click Through Rate (CTR). Drive more visitors to your site from social media and messaging apps.

Super simple to integrate

Copy and paste the integration snippet in your website's head section and voilà, that's it!

ThumbGenie automatically detects your page titles, website icon, and more to use in the thumbnail.

  • Integrate in minutes
  • No-code integrations coming later
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Customizable to your branding

Tweak your preview thumbnails to how you like them by using our powerful templating system. Add a custom website logo, page title or even your own dynamic attributes like post comments or profile followers!

  • Customize your preview images
  • Easy to adjust
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Never worry again

ThumbGenie takes care of all the hard parts of managing website thumbnails so you can focus on your website.

  • Image hosting
  • Global CDN for ulta-fast delivery
  • Infinite scaling to handle traffic spikes
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Find your perfect plan

Our pricing plans are still under construction, but expect something like the following.

per month
  • Use on 1 website
  • Up to 250 shared pages/mo
  • Template library
  • Customer support
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per month
  • Use on 2 websites
  • Up to 1.000 shared pages/mo
  • Template library
  • Customer support
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per month
  • Use on 5 websites
  • Up to 5.000 shared pages/mo
  • Template library
  • Priority customer support
  • Custom templates Soon
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Need more?

How are pages counted?

Only your website pages which are actually shared count towards the usage limit. A single page which is shared multiple times still only counts as one. You can integrate ThumbGenie on a website that has 2.000 unique pages but only has 1.000 pages shared on social media per month and be fine with the Pro plan.

How many shared pages does my website have?

A good estimate is looking at the total number of unique pages your website has. You can start with a lower-end plan and upgrade at any point if required. The dashboard will tell you exactly how many pages you've used so far. Need help deciding? Get in touch!

Can I adapt the images to my branding?

Yes! All the templates available in the template library allow adapting to branding by changing fonts, brand colors, logos, and more. If you create your own custom templates you can adapt the design to your branding however you like.

Will the integration stop working when I hit the usage limit?

No. We will still continue to serve thumbnails and notify you when this happens. After this notification you can choose to upgrade your plan or check your website to use thumbnails on less pages.